Bathroom Exhaust Cleaning

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Moisture in a bathroom can lead to peeling finishes, warped doors, and even mold growth. The purpose of a bathroom exhaust fan is to control moisture and remove airborne odors and pollutants. While maintenance of bathroom exhaust fans is quite often overlooked, a proper maintenance schedule will ensure quiet and efficient operation, increase the fan's lifespan, improve indoor air quality and keep the unit attractive in appearance.

Your bathroom exhaust fans should receive routine maintenance performed yearly by DUCTZ.

Bathroom Ventilation

Improperly installed bathroom exhaust fans are often vented into unsuitable spaces. Venting exhaust fans into these spaces can cause hot humid air to be discharged directly into your homes attic or crawlspace. These conditions could lead to water infiltration and may impede the exhaust fans air flow. DUCTZ will verify if the exhaust fan is clean and properly vented to the outside.

DUCTZ professionals are certified, qualified and trained in bathroom exhaust fans and ventilation systems.