Mechanical System Hygienic Evaluations

Determining Your Air Duct’s Level of Cleanliness

Before our DUCTZ professionals can begin the cleaning process, they will need to determine the system cleanliness and economic practicality of undertaking restorative cleaning activities. Once this analysis has been completed, the criteria for level of cleanliness will be established, documented, and agreed upon by all parties involved. Only after this will our knowledgeable technicians begin to work on your HVAC system.

Upon completion of the analysis, and in accordance with the clients’ needs, the criteria for level of cleanliness shall be established, documented and agreed upon by all involved parties. Visible contaminants within HVAC systems from rodent or insect infestation, storm or flood damage, water infiltration, fire and smoke damage, mold, construction or remodeling particulates, or general debris blowing out of supply registers or grilles are conditions necessitating implementation of this standard.

This process can be conducted by DUCTZ and may require the involvement of a third-party Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) whenever correlations, or assertions, of HVAC system cleanliness are linked to occupant health.