Fire and Water Damage HVAC Restoration Cleaning

Fire and Water Damage

HVAC interior surfaces have the potential to collect particulate, smoke, moisture, gaseous emissions and other contaminants as the result of a fire or smoke event. This can occur even while the HVAC system is in a de-energized (non-operational) state. Deposition of these foreign materials may alter the HVAC system’s components, potentially affecting system performance, corrosion resistance, and the general hygiene of the HVAC interior surfaces. A standardized evaluation of the HVAC interior surface conditions is necessary to determine when HVAC interior surfaces have been impacted by a fire-related particulate.

Commercial HVAC Cleaning

When addressing water related issues within mechanical systems DUCTZ strictly adheres to the institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) S500 and S520 standards to assess and restore mechanical systems.